Graphic Design and Internet Marketing



Typesetting, Book cover design.

DTP / IdeaS

Bussiness Cards, logos, Bookmarks,

PHP process

E-commerce facility, CMS, Photo gallery, Forum.


Design of a website or blog e.g WordPress

Why go green with gecko design?

Gecko’s Design Philosophy is simply put: “Keep it simple and keep it sustainable”

Paper is the ‘Design for Print’ Industry’s biggest resource. Indeed the print industry couldn’t run without it. This is why Gecko decided to team up with various eco-organizations to help offset the environmental cost of designing for paper, and the web. Gecko does this by using sappi triple green paper and through the planting of apple or maringa tree via affiliated organizations, such as Trees for Life and Food & Trees for Africa, or through donations to the organizations themselves. You get a great design and better peace of mind of a green future. Paper is certainly priceless.