Graphic Design and Internet Marketing



(35 hour package)

  • max 10 pages @ 1500 words per page
  • 5 Supporting Graphics (incl site logo)
  • 1 CSS linked Colour theme 
  • Static Navigation system
  • free Interactive Email Contact form
  • 6 trees planted on your behalf
  • website maintenance/ tech support

Website Hosting and Domain Registration

A domain is  effectively the ‘address’ your website, this allows other computers on the Internet to find your site. A domain forms part of the address or URL, you type into the browser to get to a specific site. First  comes the www. that tells the browser to look on the World Wide Web – then comes your domain, followed by three characters – the  top-level domain name – that indicates what type the site  is or what country the site falls under. All domains must first be bought – and then renewed each year; the name then belongs exclusively to you , until the registration expires or it is sold.  

Web hosts are companies that provide space on a server they own for use by their clients as well as providing Internet connectivity, typically in a data center.  A web-host, operates in a similar way to a real world land-lord or estate agent, in that you rent space from them  for your website to operate on.
All the hosting partners utilized by Gecko use only 100% green energy. This means that the system your web-site is stored on is run by either solar or wind based power. This is important as the servers are kept running permanently, so that your website can be available 24×7 for site visitors. Web-hosting includes: 

Web-hosting includes:

  • Acting as a Server for email accounts
  • Rental of Space on the web for the storage of your site, databases and  email message boxes.
  • Facilitation of the transmission of your web-site to users up to the limit defined by your ‘band-width’ or web-traffic limit.
Gecko arranges hosting for all the site’s that he designs. Here is a list of benefits of hosting with Gecko:

  • 1 Domain Name (.com / .net/ .org/ free registration and annual renewal
  • 10 POP3 Email Accounts,  free email forwarding
  • 250MB Web-Space on Server per user
  •  1GB Bandwidth for monthly  traffic
  • free Website Maintenance, or tech support including free ‘updates’ and forum administration.
  • 1 tree planted on your behalf every month for the duration of your website’s online lifespan.

Website Design and Development

Web design means, the creation of the overall graphical look and feel for your website. A website consists of a ‘home-page’ that acts as a portal, or introductory/ contents page to inter-linked supporting pages, referred from the ‘home-page’ by way of  electronic reference links called hyperlinks. Gecko is offering the creation of a unique – one of a kind – site for you or your business.

Basic Web Design:

Involves the creation of a medium sized, non interactive custom-made website. The above applies to a basic foundational site design and layout including text and images rights, and the interactive contact form. SItes can also be made to specification. If you need something simpler than the foundation site design listed above, prices can be negotiated.  If you need to add interactive functionality, please have a look at the development costs involved. 

Web Maintenance 

The Web-maintenance includes

  • updating of existing page content, 
  • weekly backup of web site content,
  • monthly search engine keyword optimization
  • free consultation/ support  via email or IM
  • free re-design of website every 6 -8 months

Updating does not include the creation of new pages, this will be billed for at a fixed fee of R75 per page.

Website Development

Web Development allows for the extension of websites, along interactive lines. Examples of such interactivity would be, forums, blogs, ‘shopping carts’ for online sales and multimedia support. 




Contact FormAllows correspondence to be sent from your website, through a secure channel.
Search facilityProvides the ability for web users to search your site for the information they want.. Includes Advanced search functionality. 
Guest book/Installation, customization and configuration of a guest book facility which allows visitors to leave comments directly onto the site.
Forum / BlogInstallation, customization and configuration of a forum system. Includes website integration and theme styling.
Photo GalleryInstallation, customization and configuration of photo / image gallery. With user administration support. Based on a database model. Requires the use of 1 database. Includes website integration. 
CMSInstallation, customization and configuration of a content management system (CMS). That allows you to edit the copy or text on your site. Perfect if you want complete independence. 
E-commerce FacilityInstallation, customization and configuration of e-commerce facility. Incl secure credit card channel for transactions, shopping cart e.t.c  Includes an additional database for ‘customer’ management.

All additional site developments come with full support documentation and guides. Initial setup and technical support, is included as part of the website maintenance plan.